Allergy Testing

We can help diagnose the issue
Skin Testing

Skin testing

Allergy skin prick testing (sometimes called “scratch testing”) is useful in the diagnosis of allergies and is relatively easy. We can test for various environmental allergens (pollens, animals, dust mite [...]

asthma testing

Lung Testing

Spirometry (a type of pulmonary function testing) is performed to evaluate for asthma. It involves blowing into a tube connected to a computer. Measurements are taken to see how well [...]

Penicillin testing

Penicillin Testing

To clarify the diagnosis of drug allergy, we can perform testing to penicillin. This involves some prick tests and some intradermal tests. If the tests are normal, we can immediately [...]

patch testing

Patch Testing

For patients with unexplained rashes, we can perform patch testing to evaluate for contact dermatitis.

local anesthetic testing

Local Anesthetic Testing

If you have experienced a reaction to Novacaine, Lidocaine, or other local anesthetics we can perform testing to see if you are still allergic. It is best if you can [...]