Medication Allergies

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Medication Allergies

We are all exposed to many medications over our lifetimes. Some patients may experience reactions to medications such as rash, hives, itching, swelling, difficulty breathing, stomach problems or sometimes anaphylaxis. We can help by taking a detailed history of your reactions and can assist in deciding what medications should or should not be avoided.

Many patients are labeled as allergic to penicillin but most of those patients, when tested, are found to be normal. Even if a reaction was life-threatening, penicillin testing followed by oral challenge can be helpful to remove the label of penicillin allergy whenever possible.

We can also test for local anesthetics if your surgeon or dentist would find it helpful.

We do not have testing for most other medications as such testing is not available but we can perform supervised oral challenges when appropriate to help clarify if a patient is still allergic.